Competition Guidance

Inter Regimental Matches – AOGS Summer Meeting


As we approach our Summer meeting I felt that it would be useful to put out some guidance to make the running of the inter-regimental matches easier. Over the past few years we have seen a decline in the number of teams entering and as a society we have run into problems with tee times.

As a Society it appears that we do not have any clear and unambiguous rules for these competitions, rather just a considerable amount of hearsay that is not that helpful. In addition as the Army continues to re-structure (ie Shrink) it is more difficult to get regimental teams out, which is a real pity.

I would, therefore, like to adopt the following proposals for this years meeting:


The following trophies will be competed for:

The Argyll and Sutherland Challenge Bowl (teams of 4)
The Ordnance Cup (teams of 5)
The Sunningdale Cup (teams of 5)
The Egypt Cup (teams of 5)

In the case of the latter three the number of teams entered will dictate how many of the trophies will be played for.


Seeding will continue to be based on the sum of the handicaps of each team.


I have experienced a number of formats that have included round-robin and knockout with both being played on one or two days. This is unhelpful and is often not known until the AGM. It makes the booking of tee slots extremely difficult and means that individuals are not clear as to how many nights accommodation they need to source. In addition, the matches have been played off scratch and are on a holes up basis. This means that in the event that a team loses a player they are penalised 18 holes and it is demoralising having to play against an individual who has a considerably better handicap than your own.

It is, therefore, proposed that the Ordnance, Sunningdale and Egypt Cups will all be competed for in a single day. Matches will be played as match play off handicap and each will result in W/L/H (1/0/½). In the event that the match is halved the two team Captains will play sudden death to achieve a result.

Ideally, the Secretary will endeavour to have 4 teams competing for each trophy. In such a case the first seeded team will play the fourth with the second seeded team playing the third. The winners will then compete for the trophy with the losers playing off for third and fourth place. If there are only three teams entered in a competition, the second and third seeds will play off to decide who will play against the first seeded team in the final. In the event that there are only two teams entered in a cup the match will be decided over 36 holes.

To ensure that we are able to maintain a good field of teams, individuals should be allowed to form composite groupings and compete alongside the regimental teams and win the trophies. This may well encourage more individuals to stay after the individual competitions.

The Argyll and Sutherland Challenge bowl has traditionally been played over 2 days due to the number of teams entered, and in addition the teams are only 4 players strong. It is proposed that the Infantry cap badges should be able to put teams forward based on the Infantry Divisional structure in the event that they can no longer find enough of the ‘willing’ from a single cap badge. I would welcome feed back from the various Captains on this. In the event that there are only 4 teams entered that it is recommended that the same format as the other competitions be adopted.

Since there will be a number of individuals who will stay for the full week, the Secretary will organise the AOGS Summer Stableford Competition to be played on the Friday morning.

The following table depicts how the Ordnance, Sunningdale and Egypt Cups will organised:

Teams Entered Format
2 Ordnance Cup (36 Holes)
3 Ordnance Cup
4 Ordnance Cup
5 3 Teams Ordnance Cup
2 Teams Sunningdale Cup
6 4 Teams Ordnance Cup
2 Teams Sunningdale Cup
7 4 Teams Ordnance Cup
3 Teams Sunningdale Cup
8 4 Teams Ordnance Cup
4 Teams Sunningdale Cup
9 4 Teams Ordnance Cup
3 Teams Sunningdale Cup
2 Teams Egypt Cup
10 4 Teams Ordnance Cup
3 Teams Sunningdale Cup
3 Teams Egypt Cup
11 4 Teams Ordnance Cup
4 Teams Sunningdale Cup
3 Teams Egypt Cup
12 4 Teams Ordnance Cup
4 Teams Sunningdale Cup
4 Teams Egypt Cup

I would like to suggest that the above is adopted for this year. It has been discussed by the Committee and there will be an opportunity to discuss at the AGM.

Mark Lacey