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AOGS v Rye GC at Rye GC 12th & 13th October 2018


Peter Tomlinson
Keith Miles
David Watson
Cameron Reeves
Bernie Thomson
Mark Lacey
Charles Batty
Frank Ham
Mirza Datoo
Roger Robinson
Hamish Miln
Bruce McMillan
Mike Tennant

The Rye fixture is always one of the most eagerly anticipated on the calendar and as with many of our fixtures, friendships and rivalry are renewed annually – this year we had Don McCutchan, Jamie Glover-Wilson, Jo Gunnell and even our President, Mark Lacey for 2 rounds, were playing for the Club.

The warm weather was still in evidence as we arrived on the Friday but, it was accompanied by winds gusting up to 40 mph making the Ryle links a stiffer challenge than usual. The members handled the conditions better than the Army Officers with the overnight score standing at 7½ to 4½ in favour of the Club.

Many of us met in the Ypres Castle in the Rye Citadel for a super evening. Suitably refreshed and rested, we returned to the course on Saturday morning full of vigour and resolve! The wind had abated slightly but was still strong. The matches were all hard fought and finished 4 to 1 in favour of the Army Officers giving an overall match score of 8½ to 8½ – a richly deserved and equitable half.

AOGS v RNGS at Piltdown, 10 October 2018


John Saville & Nigel Bartlett
Doc Watson & Donald McCutchan
Ian Griffiths & Frank Ham
Charles Batty & Keith Mitchelson
Keith Chaundy & Neville Goulton

The fixture against the Royal Navy Golf Society was played on Wednesday 10 October at Piltdown Golf Club. The fixture, having missed a year, is now under the stewardship of Don McCutchan for AOGS alongside Nigel Manger (Piltdown Member) of the RNGS.

The weather on the day was warm and sunny, an unseasonable 25 degrees. The course was in magnificent condition having recovered well from the long, dry summer. The Army Officers won the first skirmish of the day, the ‘Battle of the A272’ – the traffic issues meant there was some shuffling of the batting order, but all was well in the end.

With the local traffic difficulties and some having long distances to travel, it was decided to call the match at lunchtime – some choosing to play fewer holes in the afternoon. Our host, Nigel, was apologetic for having chosen an autumnal menu and not having anticipated the warm weather but the fabulous ham & leek pie followed by bread and butter pudding with both ice-cream and custard (other choices we available) was superb.

The morning foursomes were closely fought with many matches unresolved until the 18th, however, the Army Officers prevailed once again with the final result being 3½ to 1½ in favour of AOGS.

This was the first time that many of us had both played in the fixture and, at the venue. The course, catering and company were all excellent and the staff were warm and welcoming. I would highly commend this fixture.

The match had ‘lost its slot’ on the West Sussex calendar so Piltdown was chosen as potentially, a temporary arrangement, but it was unanimously agreed by all that the fixture should return to Piltdown next year and at £65 for two rounds, a bacon roll, and an excellent lunch was terrific value.

The annual match against Tidworth Garrison GC (the 11th of its kind) took place yesterday, with the teams again led by Ian Holmes (AOGS) and General Sir Peter Beale (Tidworth). Several “new caps” appeared in both teams, including General Sir “Jack” Deverell for the AOGS. This match proved to be closer than many  before with four of the five games going to, at least, the 17th. The results are shown below :


TIDWORTH                                                Result                                      AOGS

Peter Beale and Robert Thayer             Half         Half          Ian Holmes  and Jack Deverell

Martin Shaw  and Peter McNicol             0              1           Roger Antolik and Edward Vale

Alan Butterworth and Carel Bouwens      1              0           Ian Griffiths and John Maclean

Frank Ham and Brian Hutchins               1              0          Tony Moorby and Paddy Hartigan

Brian Rollinson and Simon  Pethick         1              0          Richard Kemmis Betty and Tim Merritt


Overall            3  1/2        1  1/2

After an excellent supper, the two captains that the bond between the two teams was so strong that the fixture must continue.  The date will be confirmed with the 2019 Fixture List.

AOGS v Aldeburgh GC

AOGS HCap Res Pt Aldeburgh HCap Res Pt
Frank Ham 8 Nick Holt 20 1up 1
Tony Dinwiddy 13 Graham Scott 21
Andrew Purdy 17 Miles Lambert 23 3/1 1
Michael Estcourt 22 Jeremy Troughton 7
Cameron Reeves 15 ½ ½- Martin Binning 11 ½ ½
John Ellis 21 Michael Orr 27
Brian O’Gorman 20 Johnathon Lawley 20 5/3 1
Ian Saunders 15 Michael Lonsdale 23
Chris Buisseret 18 3/2 1 Peter Beaumont 20
Roger Dazell 20 John Raison 24
Alex Kilgour 20 Stephen Beaumont 20 2/1 1
Total Total

The weather was slightly overcast with some sharp showers forecast as the 11 a side match got underway. As Alderburgh is a two ball course the format of the match is 18 holes foursomes followed by a good lunch and those that want can play again in the afternoon.

The course was in excellent condition even though the greens were slightly slow because by the intense growth due to the recent high temperatures and heavy rain.

Most of the matches were very close. Frank Ham and Tony Dinwiddy were denied a half as their opponents sank a 12ft putt on the last green. Cameron Reeves could not hit a ball for the first 4 holes so he and John Ellis found themselves 4 down after 5 holes, to their credit they fought back and gained a half at the last. Our only winners were Chris Buisseret and Roger Dazell, perhaps the buggy they needed gave them that little advantage.

The final score was AOGS 1½ – Aldeburgh 4½.

Lunch was so good that only Frank Ham ventured out in the afternoon. Everybody was looking forward to next year.

AOGS v Woodbridge GC

AOGS HCap Res Pt Woodbridge GC HCap Res Pt
Graham Russell 9 Gary Seaman 5 2/1 1
Michael Estcourt 23 Ken Smith 11
Ian Saunders 15 1up 1 Stephen Mayhew 8
Ralph Topping 11 Peter Sledmere 14
Frank Ham 7 Richard Mossman 10 2/1 1
Cameron Reeves 15 Joe Maloney 15
Tony Dinwiddy 13 Alan Scovell 5 4/3 1
Andrew Purdy 17 John McNally 15
Total 1 Total 3

The AOGS team assembled in glorious sunshine at Woodbridge with the course looking a picture. The recent sprinkling of rain had begun to refresh the fairways and so they were easier to play from than just a week or so before.

All the matches were played in a great spirit and sad to report that the AOGS team were shown the way for much of the match. The highlight in the only match we managed to win was Ralf Topping holing his bunker shot on the short 15th to put AOGS into the lead for the first time in his match, playing with Ian Saunders. He then went on the win the match on the 18th with his birdie putt that lengthens with every telling. Probably about 15 feet…

After lunch 5 of the AOGS team played the Forest course where Ralf and Ian shared the pot!

This match, which is paired with one the following day at Aldeburgh makes a lovely excursion into East Anglia.

This year’s match was held on 12 August, the relentless Summer had been interrupted by a torrential downpour on the night before the course was still dry and firm but the greens were relatively receptive.

The AOGS team was;

Mirza Datoo
David Watson
Tony Dinwiddy
John Hewat
Frank Ham
Andrew Purdy
Michael Estcourt
Roger Dalzell
Mark Lacey
Chris Buisseret

The match was a very tight affair with the result still unclear until the final match came home. Ultimately it was honours even with a score of 2½ each.

Lunch was the usual convivial affair enjoyed with our wonderful hosts.

Match Result: Royal Worlington & Newmarket 2½ AOGS 2½


AOGS v The Highland Brigade Golfing Society


Won 3 – 1


John Hewat and Dave Burnett beat Hamish McConkey and Charlie Wallace
Jimmy Alexander and Graeme Paton beat John Drummond and Jamie Farquhar
Lachlan McIntosh and Philip Mould lost to Bruce Osborne and Ewan Chalmers
Adrian Freer and Nick Fleming beat James Osborne and Roddy Kinghorn

Match Report

The match was preceded by the usual excellent lunch provided by Panmure Golf Club. All four matches set off under a cloudy sky with occasional blasts of warm sunshine. The wind was brisk, at times a two clubber and not from the prevailing direction. The course, which had recently hosted final qualifying for the Open was presented in magnificent condition. Recent rain had softened the fairways a little and had strengthened the rough, but this was still a great links golf experience. Early gloom mongers had forecast showers later in the day and at 5.10 the heavens opened and all four matches were finish in heavy rain. This did nothing to diminish everyone’s enjoyment of the day. The individual match results were varied, but the losing pair went down 6&5! The others were much closer.


Royal Air Force Golfing Society (RAFGS)




AM Result
Terry Sherlock & Ian McNeill W
John Foster & Simon Booth-Mason W
Ian Griffiths & Alex Cameron L
Cameron Reeves & Phil Kellett L
Dominic Clive & Daniel Blake L
Peter Tomlinson (as a single) H


PM Result
Terry Sherlock & John Foster W
Ian Griffiths & Peter Tomlinson W
Alex Cameron & Phil Kellett L
Simon Booth-Mason & Cameron Reeves L
Ian McNeil & Daniel Blake L
Dominic Clive (as a single) L


AM Score AOGS 3½ RAFGS 2½

Match Report

We were sorry that Keith Chaundy had to pull out of the match as Mrs Chaundy was taken ill. We wish her a speedy recovery.

The weather on the day was excellent with just enough cloud cover not to make it uncomfortably hot; while the course, having had no rain for days now, was playing very fast with drives landing on hard fairways and often bouncing unfairly into deep rough.

We were all pleased to be able to toast the RAFGS at lunch, especially as it is the centenary year of the RAF, and Cameron Reeves presented an introduction to ‘The Spitfire Experience’ a WWII Mark IX simulator available in Wisborugh Green West Sussex with net proceeds to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

The AOGS let slip a lunch time lead to end the day down by 6 1/2 to 5 1/2 matches.

As well as an excellent lunch and tea Walton Heath were to be thanked for laying on a large flat screen TV to see a certain football match for those that wished to stay to see it.

The match was held at the magnificent Surrey Heathland course at Worplesdon Golf Club and as the dry hot weather continued, the course was baked-hard and fast with great value for any shot hit along the fairway. The match was played with twelve a side and comprised two rounds of foursomes with lunch in between.

The morning matches resulted a healthy lead for AOGS, we returned to the clubhouse up 4-2. An excellent lunch was enjoyed in the convivial company of our XL Club opponents who were very generous with the wine and (for some of us) the kummel.

The afternoon was ultimately just as successful as the morning round with AOGS again returning a 4-2 score line to give AOGS an overall win of 8-4.

On a personal note, this was the first time I had played either the fixture or the course and found both to be fabulous – I would highly commend this fixture to anyone that hasn’t played in it before; next year’s date is set for Friday 21 June.

I am pleased to say that AOGS won both matches – with some style – a feat we have not managed since 2014.  The match at Hunstanton was played in dull, overcast and humid conditions.  The absence of any wind of note probably played a large part in allowing AOGS to master their opponents in the key matches.  Saturday at Brancaster continued to be humid but again very little wind allowed the pairings of Singer/Antolik and Smy/Alexander to completely dominate their opponents.


Allan Singer