AOGS v Tidworth GGC

The annual match against Tidworth Garrison GC (the 11th of its kind) took place yesterday, with the teams again led by Ian Holmes (AOGS) and General Sir Peter Beale (Tidworth). Several “new caps” appeared in both teams, including General Sir “Jack” Deverell for the AOGS. This match proved to be closer than many  before with four of the five games going to, at least, the 17th. The results are shown below :


TIDWORTH                                                Result                                      AOGS

Peter Beale and Robert Thayer             Half         Half          Ian Holmes  and Jack Deverell

Martin Shaw  and Peter McNicol             0              1           Roger Antolik and Edward Vale

Alan Butterworth and Carel Bouwens      1              0           Ian Griffiths and John Maclean

Frank Ham and Brian Hutchins               1              0          Tony Moorby and Paddy Hartigan

Brian Rollinson and Simon  Pethick         1              0          Richard Kemmis Betty and Tim Merritt


Overall            3  1/2        1  1/2

After an excellent supper, the two captains that the bond between the two teams was so strong that the fixture must continue.  The date will be confirmed with the 2019 Fixture List.