AOGS v The Army GC

This Wednesday saw the AOGS match in Aldershot against the Army Golf Club. Despite the best efforts of the AOGS team, all bar one notable exception, we came well short, losing 4-1.

The Army GC




Bob Willox & Kevin White 1 David (Doc) Watson & Paddy Hartigan 0
Eamonn O’Rourke & D Turnidge 0 Roger Antolik & Keith Mitchelson 1
Ian McNeil & Peter Richardson 1 Michael Rescorle & Alan Jones 0
Alvin Hopley & David Robson 1  Mirza Datoo & Charles Garraway 0
Nigel Dell & Jim Coventry 1 John Douglass & Cameron Reeves 0

We were blessed with fabulous weather and were faced with a course that was in great condition, particularly the greens. The challenge had been thrown down by The Army GC and we did our best to rise to that challenge: unfortunately, we fell somewhat short…

The notable exception was the second flight, Eamonn O’Rourke (The Army Golf Club Chairman) found himself up against Roger Antolik who had handed out a ‘sound thrashing’ last year in partnership with David Griffiths. This year, different partner (Keith Mitchelson), same outcome. As they left the final green, the Army GC Chairman expressed his hope that Roger might not be returning for next year’s fixture! Sounds like Roger will be first on the team sheet for next year.