AOGS v RAFGS at Walton Heath Golf Club


Royal Air Force Golfing Society (RAFGS)




AM Result
Terry Sherlock & Ian McNeill W
John Foster & Simon Booth-Mason W
Ian Griffiths & Alex Cameron L
Cameron Reeves & Phil Kellett L
Dominic Clive & Daniel Blake L
Peter Tomlinson (as a single) H


PM Result
Terry Sherlock & John Foster W
Ian Griffiths & Peter Tomlinson W
Alex Cameron & Phil Kellett L
Simon Booth-Mason & Cameron Reeves L
Ian McNeil & Daniel Blake L
Dominic Clive (as a single) L


AM Score AOGS 3½ RAFGS 2½

Match Report

We were sorry that Keith Chaundy had to pull out of the match as Mrs Chaundy was taken ill. We wish her a speedy recovery.

The weather on the day was excellent with just enough cloud cover not to make it uncomfortably hot; while the course, having had no rain for days now, was playing very fast with drives landing on hard fairways and often bouncing unfairly into deep rough.

We were all pleased to be able to toast the RAFGS at lunch, especially as it is the centenary year of the RAF, and Cameron Reeves presented an introduction to ‘The Spitfire Experience’ a WWII Mark IX simulator available in Wisborugh Green West Sussex with net proceeds to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

The AOGS let slip a lunch time lead to end the day down by 6 1/2 to 5 1/2 matches.

As well as an excellent lunch and tea Walton Heath were to be thanked for laying on a large flat screen TV to see a certain football match for those that wished to stay to see it.