AOGS v Aldeburgh GC

AOGS v Aldeburgh GC

AOGS HCap Res Pt Aldeburgh HCap Res Pt
Frank Ham 8 Nick Holt 20 1up 1
Tony Dinwiddy 13 Graham Scott 21
Andrew Purdy 17 Miles Lambert 23 3/1 1
Michael Estcourt 22 Jeremy Troughton 7
Cameron Reeves 15 ½ ½- Martin Binning 11 ½ ½
John Ellis 21 Michael Orr 27
Brian O’Gorman 20 Johnathon Lawley 20 5/3 1
Ian Saunders 15 Michael Lonsdale 23
Chris Buisseret 18 3/2 1 Peter Beaumont 20
Roger Dazell 20 John Raison 24
Alex Kilgour 20 Stephen Beaumont 20 2/1 1
Total Total

The weather was slightly overcast with some sharp showers forecast as the 11 a side match got underway. As Alderburgh is a two ball course the format of the match is 18 holes foursomes followed by a good lunch and those that want can play again in the afternoon.

The course was in excellent condition even though the greens were slightly slow because by the intense growth due to the recent high temperatures and heavy rain.

Most of the matches were very close. Frank Ham and Tony Dinwiddy were denied a half as their opponents sank a 12ft putt on the last green. Cameron Reeves could not hit a ball for the first 4 holes so he and John Ellis found themselves 4 down after 5 holes, to their credit they fought back and gained a half at the last. Our only winners were Chris Buisseret and Roger Dazell, perhaps the buggy they needed gave them that little advantage.

The final score was AOGS 1½ – Aldeburgh 4½.

Lunch was so good that only Frank Ham ventured out in the afternoon. Everybody was looking forward to next year.