A Blustery day at Deal

It was a bracing, slightly overcast, breezy day that saw the first AOGS turnout of the season at Royal Cinque Ports, Deal. The morning foursomes comprised six flights. The teams line up as below;


Royal Cinque Ports GC



Mark Winter (Club Capt) & Esmond Hitchcock 0 Mark Lacey & Tim Checketts 1
Hugh Grieve & Alexander Carnegie 0 Bernie Thomson & Doc Watson 1
Arthur Prince & John Bryant 1 Mirza Datoo & Roger Robinson 0
Steve Dorritt & David Warden 0 David Griffiths (Capt) & Keith Miles 1
Robin Ovenden & John Trainer 0 Nigel Bartlett & Jo Gunnel 1
Brian Keelie & John McGregor 1 John McLean & Charles Batty 0

The match was fiercely competitive and in the end honours we even with the match being halved 3-3.

Lunch at the clubhouse was magnificent; Steak & Kidney Pudding followed by Treacle Tart and then the gathered golfers were entertained by Captain, Gravid Diffiths’ (you had to be there) fabulous Rindecella monologue.

The Club kindly extended the courtesy of the course in the afternoon and various club members and AOGS members enjoyed a second round.